woman 2Woman remembers - pen & inkI love thinking about and developing new art objects working with the disparate characteristics of the materials used in making.  I enjoy drawing inspiration from the natural environment in designing, creating, fabricating, and integrating the multiple media types to realize a new creation.

I've worked in many different areas over my checkered career.  These areas include furniture designer, building contractor, finish carpenter, cabinet maker, house painter, plumber, electrician, boat/yacht restorer, design consultant, logger, farmhand, mason, auto mechanic, inventor, herbalist, computer technician, aviation electronics repairman, technology consultant, gardener, amateur musician.

I constantly to draw inspiration from these work experiences as I continue to learning and developing my range of technical skills, my appreciation for detail, understanding of materials versatility, sense the beauty of design simplicity, and above the value of patience.


 Watercolor is an expressive medium for my interpretation of landscape - the seasonal colors, richness of textures, interplay of soft and hard forms,  I enjoy capturing the constantly evolving energy of landscape in photos, which I bring into my studio to use as my “models” for my watercolor work.  

study1 2Snake plant - watercolor & pencil 


Wood, my first medium as a designer and craftsman making fine furniture, for which I’ve developed a life-long love affair.  I started out working as a carpenter, graduated to finish carpenter, cabinetmaker, then fine woodworker, designer, and creative artist.  I enjoy building simple elegant designs that minimize the need for glue and mechanical fasteners.  I ever use nails - nailing wood together is an angry, violent action that distorts and crushes the wood fibers.  Wherever mechanical fasteners are called for, I use screws - screws allow easy disassembly when a piece needs to be moved or stored. 

The photo below shows close up of a gong frame I made from redwood with hand-cut mortise & tenon joints and pins - no glue or mechanical fasteners.  The frame can be quickly disassembled / reassembled simply by lifting off the top beam and tapping out two pins holding the posts in the stand.

Detail of Gong Frame2 2Gong frame detail 


Found Objects, whenever I find interestingly shaped objects such as rocks, driftwood, or tree dead-fall on my walks, I like to collect them or construct spontaneous temporary sculptures to leave as chance encounters for others enjoyment.  

imaginary beast 2Imaginary Beast


I enjoy using Pen & Ink to create line and shading to draw abstract images exploring magical, weird, imaginary, and totally whimsical worlds. 

TiaraWoman with Tiara


Stained Glass, has always intrigued me as a media of expression.  Its inherent translucency merged with the vibrancy of color infused with randomness of pattern and 3D texture is magical.  I enjoy using a hard, brittle, solid material to “paint” and create intricate geometric and organic designs fabricated into luminous panels to be incorporated as functional architectural elements.

  AD8A2288 160A 4CFE A5D2 68B10AC74AF2Detail of side light


You can read more about specific artWorks areas and see samples from the various media by following the links in the column at right.  


Also, I’ve provided links to a variety of Resources for instruction, materials, and supplies for making Art

I hope you will enjoy your visit.