f128616391Seeing through the fogI’ve worked in many different areas over my checkered career, including furniture design, building contractor, finish carpentry, cabinet maker, house painter, building contractor, plumber, electrician, yacht restorer, design consultant, logger, farmer, soldier, beekeeper, mason, auto mechanic, herbalist, massage therapist, sailor and navigator, artist, teacher, computer technician, aviation electronics technician, IT consultant, violin restorer, jeweler, IT security analyst, web designer, mechanical engineer, and project/program manager.  While attending university, I studied fine art, architecture, and industrial engineering, concentrating in ceramics and metals/jewelry.

I'm a multi-talented visual artist with interests spanning several disciplines and media, including watercolor, metals, wood, glass, clay, pen&ink, photography, found object construction, and landscape/garden design. 

I’m also a poet, amateur musician, environmentalist, climate change activist, IT privacy/security geek, solar energy advocate, kayaker, Buddhist, humanist, born-again pagan, and fully-recovered Catholic.

I’ve bundled several of my disparate interests into this website for my personal edification.  Maybe you will find something that inspires or piques your interest as well.


life underground 7The artWorks section of the site reflects my artistic interests with representative pieces from my areas of expression  including wood, metals, photography, watercolor, glass, pen&ink, and found objects.


 96BBC54C D33E 4A09 BFBE 9DD5FD137944The section on Buddhism explores the fundamental precepts and practices of Buddhist world view.  I’ve also included some information that debunks popular misconceptions about Buddhism.


715A041D 7A24 4DAE B5A5 4729981712D7Biosphere Earth delves into the environmental issues we all face with the growing climate crisis and provides information regarding people, technologies, and activities to address these issues.


F3590088 BF06 470E 862F DEE3BB3F94ADSecurity & Privacy addresses the many issues and challenges we face in protecting our personal, social, political, and financial interests in the constantly evolving technologically interconnected world.


3283E0C5 3D84 42CD A3EC 1034497DFC84The Thoughts & Ideas section explores topics I find interesting, intriguing, controversial, or relevant to what is occurring in the world at any given time.  It is also where I share some of my poetry and other writing.  


I have intentionally omitted the ability to leave comments, since these can be abused.  I believe in privacy so I don’t use cookies to track, collect, or profile any users of my site. 

I hope you enjoy your visit.